Vitri’s Manufacturing Jewellers is a privately owned business, specializing in the design & manufacture of individually hand -crafted, unique jewellery pieces, which are all made in our On-site studio workshop.

Our specialities include:

Manufacturing jewellery items in precious metals such as; Platinum, 18ct, 14ct & 9ct Gold and Silver. Remodelling jewellery items. Bring in your old jewellery, and we can design something fresh and new, that is both personal and individual. Should you require that special diamond or gemstone for your dream design, we can find you the perfect stone. If your jewellery is in bad shape, we can repair and refurbish it, so that it looks brand new.

About Gianfranco Giardino Vitri

Gianfranco Giardino Vitri studied and trained as a Goldsmith in Vicenza. He immigrated to Rhodesia whilst in his early twenties, to train and develop local workshops. In 1974, he started up his own manufacturing jewellery company. Virti’s, which he relocated to South Africa in the early 1980’s. After his passing in 2003, the business was continued by his wife Yvonne, who is now joined by her son & daughter-in-law, David and Voné.